Work compensation Claims Dispute

Work compensation Claims Dispute

Many are upset how they are treated by the system. One should realize that the system is full of legal pitfalls. The system relies heavily on the medical and legal knowledge. It is not about right or wrong within the worker compensation system. It is about how well an organization can handling your claim. It is inevitable that all or most workers compensation claim will result in a dispute. Most case will be disputed in scope of injury (denial that injury happened at that time), dispute in areas of diagnoses, dispute in severity of diagnoses, dispute of maximal impairment, maximal impairment date, and so on. The key in resolving disputes is proper documentation, proper choices in doctor selection, and choices in legal representation. These choices can affect greatly on the outcome of your dispute.


Choice of treating doctors in the worker compensation can be difficult. Most primary physicians are not suited to handle worker compensation claim because of the paperwork and complexity in the statute. Americana Injury is built around handling worker compensation claim. Americana Injury establishes working diagnoses and proper documentation to provide support for the injured worker. We help with dispute to resolve with medical necessity rebuttal and resolution of Texas department of insurance.


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