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Slip and Fall Claims and Injury

Slip and Fall injury can occur when least expected. Injuries can occur in a public area such as a supermarket, retail store, or inside a private building. Most commercial building are require to carrier property insurance  coverage if they are financed by the banks. Within that coverage the insurance policy should include medical and property damages as well.

What this mean is that if you injured yourself as a result of the building owner fault, you are eligible to receive medical entitlement given that there appears to be clearly intention of notice. For example, if you slipped and fell over a refrigerator water and injured you knee. You will require some legal representation to argue liability with an adjuster but eventually succeed in getting your medical treatment paid for and settlement benefits given that you participate in physical therapy, medical care, and medical diagnostic.


Ironically, some case may get deny of care due to lack of liability proof. These situations arises when there is wet water on the floor from a costumer spilled but does not reported to the manager. Therefore the store has no liability because they were not aware of the spill. In both situation it is wise to seek professional advise and medical care. Please call us at 713-480-6254 for professional help.