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Personal Injury

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Personal Injury

Most people that are involved in auto accident, personal injury or a slip and fall injury often look for an attorney or a family counsel to guide them through the process; consider the alternative.

Car Accident Injury

An auto accident can be a life-changing event detouring you from your normal path. It affects your physical capacity, limits your productivity, and often time increase in mounting lost wages.

Although seeking representation with a legal firm may be a corrective action, it’s often times may not give you the optimum medical care and settlement for your injury. Attorney makes money off of the medical reimbursement from your case. Often time, the attorney may limit the care that you need due to the expense of property damage. For instance, if you have a rear-end collision in an old vehicle with a minor property damage your attorney may advice you to stop your treatment process because the value of your case may not be feasible to go to court and litigation. Although that works out for your attorney, often time that leaves you hanging on the hook providing for your own medical care.

Personal Injury Specialists

At Americana Injury, our clinic is built around your best interest. Because of our relentless commitment to your care and to remain the best in our industry, we have integrated multiple discipline of practice to treat your pain including physical medicine, sport injury care, chiropractic, and pain management. In addition we also provide electric neurological testing to evaluate your source of pain.


We work with most of the attorneys in the greater Houston areas. We can also recommend certain special firms and attorney to handle your case whether it is regulated by the Texas department of insurance, the US labor department or the TDI worker compensation division.

Who ever you choose to represent you in your legal matter, we can help you. Your attorney will depend on our specialties and opinion to estimate your case. Our physician has the ability to increase the value of your case with professional diagnostics and excellent case management. These actions will be the difference in your care and settlement.

We specialize in physical medicine, sport injury care, chiropractic, and pain management.

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