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Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident can leave a long lasting disability to your neck and lower back. Because of the high speed and force into your body. Your neck, back, and other extremities may suffer long-lasting injury. For that matter, you will require proper treatment to the spine and lower joint to prevent disability. After a vehicle accident, the most important thing is your health and well-being. Without this, our quality of life is diminished. At Americana Injury we have a network of medical and chiropractic specialist to treat your injury. We can file a claim with your insurance company. Call us at 713-480-6254.


It is important to receive a proper value or settlement for your claim. Most claims do not get evaluated properly due to an urgency of the claimant wanting to take the least amount money that the insurance company offers. Just think about this. When you go to buy something do you want to pay the highest price? The insurance carrier will offer you the least amount to settle the case. Be smarter!! CALL US 713-480-6254. We help you to get the most value settlement for your case.

We have three location in Houston for your convenience. We have an excellent network of referral attorney who can help you with your claim if needed. LET US GET YOU THE MOST VALUE FOR YOUR CLAIM. Call Us 713-480-6254 Now.


Auto Accident Effects

Auto accident injuries can have significant long-term effects on our life. These injuries typically are overlooked because claimant tends to want to settle there claim quickly. As a result, injury such as spinal disc injury and joint injury will ultimately lead to degenerative changes and disease that may be debilitating later. It’s important and the key to identifying your injury, treat your injury and get the most for your injury and future medical care. Communication with your insurance or the liable carrier is on your bodily damage and future benefits. Auto accidents and injury claims are the best to handle by a team of professional that is experienced in the industry. Our experience with handling these claims will provide give most assurance to your settlement success. We have a community of attorney that has success mediating and litigating for great settlement. We have a community of medical provider and specialist to treat your injury. We have pain management services to reduce pain and inflammation.

Frequently Ask Question

The insurance carrier wants to offer me $1000.0 for my injury. He wants me to see a doctor and send them the bill. Should I take the offer?

Accepting insurance money is up to the individual decision, however, once you accept the offer. You are then responsible for all your care including the medical bill, hospital bill, lost wages, and any future benefits. Accepting insurance offer will not relieve you of any court liens or financial responsibility. Accepting insurance offer will limit you to any injury treatment, diagnoses, or diagnostic imaging. Once again accepting the insurance company offer is accepting the disability that the insurance wants you to.  Call us, we can you to get the best result.

Can I use my private insurance to pay for my care and then negotiate with the insurance company?
Yes. It depends on the insurance company. Each insurance company has different underwriting process. Do not assume that all private insurance will honor your care. Check with your carrier. In most cases, your private insurance will subrogate or execute a lien against you or your auto insurance. If this occurs, then you maybe responsible for the amount not pay by both insurance carrier. Give us a call, we are able to process each claim to eliminate your cost or responsibility.