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Why File Auto Insurance Claim?



There are many benefits of filing a claim. Filing a claim will allow you to get medical treatment and insurance reimbursement of money owed to you after an accident. Often time most people neglect their care and won’t file a claim. They realize later on that the have to spend money out of pocket to replace property damage and their healthcare. For example, insurance company will only pay for the market value of your car, but your debt to bank may not be covered. In addition, you may have to come down with additional moneys for a down payment of a replacement vehicle.

Another common mistake, is not obtaining proper treatment for your injury. Most often an injured person would visit his/her doctor one time to get medication. The injured person would settle with the insurance company for a minimal amount of money thinking that his/her private insurance will take care of future expenses not realizing that they will have to pay deductible and co-pay expenses for their medical care. Your private insurance may denied the claim because of the auto injury claim and pre-existing condition.


Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident can leave a long lasting disability to your neck and lower back. Because of the high speed and force into your body. Your neck, back, and other extremities may suffer long-lasting injury. For that matter, you will require proper treatment to the spine and lower joint to prevent disability. After a vehicle accident, the most important thing is your health and well-being. Without this, our quality of life is diminished. At Americana Injury we have a network of medical and chiropractic specialist to treat your injury. We can file a claim with your insurance company.