Auto Accident Injury FAQs

Most major chronic inflammatory diseases can be linked to a traumatic accident such as a car wreck. These injuries are the long-lasting disabilities of trauma leading to the loss of work, and daily activity. Finally, loss of money is the end result.

I’ve recently been involved in a car accident and the insurance wants to settle my claim for $500.00. Should take the money and resolved the case while I still have pain and medical bills.

Most insurance companies will likely offer you the money in advance because you have a credible case that may escalate. By taking the money, you may waive your rights to have additional medical coverage and benefits. you may want to obtain adequate treatment before signing off on the agreement. The waiver is a legal document to waive your rights to pursue any additional document. The best solution is to consult a physician for additional care and accurate diagnoses this may increase your benefit. If left untreated, an injury may lead to serious degenerative joint disease.

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What to do if you get in a car accident without injuries?

  • In very rare circumstances, you won’t incur any injuries in a car accident. These accidents happen when a car is bumped and doesn’t suffer major damage. There is usually no police report or insurance claim, just an “oops.” However, the vast majority of car accidents involve injuries that require treatment. Victims often feel like they don’t have any injuries to report, and they may not want to bother anyone with their injury. This situation can be made worse by the fact that the insurance company wants to minimize what it pays out, and will often act as your “friend” who discourages you from seeking compensation.
  • A good rule of thumb is this.  If your car was “injured or damaged”, scratched, broken, dented, or bent, then chances are pretty good that you were too.  It costs nothing to get checked out.  However, foregoing treatment could affect you for the rest of your life.

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Where should you go to get treatment for non-emergency car accident injuries?

  • If you want to get non-emergency care right after your car accident, you should find a doctor who specializes in car accident injuries.
  • Americana Injury Clinic has multiple clinics throughout the Houston, Texas area with a variety of specialized physicians who are experts in treating car accident injuries.
  • Different types of doctors are available to treat you, and they will all work together to provide you with the best possible care.

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What are the main causes of car accident injuries?

The three biggest causes of car wreck accident injury are: Collision with another vehicle – This type of crash happens when a driver’s speed and ability to control the vehicle is compromised. As in, they’re driving too fast or not paying attention to what’s happening on the road. Collision with an object – Another common cause of car crash injuries is colliding with something in the roadway. It could be another vehicle, a pedestrian, or anything else that occurs while you’re driving down the street. T-bone collision – A T-bone collision occurs when two vehicles collide head-on at perhaps 45 miles per hour (about 70 kilometers per hour). The impact of this kind of collision is very severe, causing most injuries sustained in car accidents.

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What are the symptoms of a car accident?

The first thing that you should know about a car accident is that it can be devastating. A collision with another vehicle or even an object on the roadway can cause injuries to your body, limbs, internal organs, and more. If you are injured in a car accident, it’s important to get medical care right away to ensure recovery and minimize any long-term effects. Car accidents can cause severe injuries that range from spinal cord injuries to broken bones and burns. The severity of an injury may not be immediately obvious. Victims may experience pain, numbness, tingling and fogginess in their legs or arms, blurred vision, and impaired balance.

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What are the most common types of car injuries?

There are many different types of accidents, including motor vehicle accidents. The most common car accident injuries include whiplash, or neck injury; brain and head trauma; back injury; hip fracture, and bone fractures. These can all be prevented with a comprehensive safety program that includes training for safe driving habits and the use of proper restraints in vehicles as well as personal protective equipment to prevent further injuries from occurring after an incident has taken place.

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What is a car accident and how does it happen?

A car accident can occur at any time, even when you aren’t the driver or the occupant. There are many different types of accidents that can injure people in cars. Adult pedestrians involved in auto crashes are more likely to suffer serious injury than children. About two-thirds of pedestrian deaths are caused by motor vehicle collisions (MVCs), and half of all pedestrian fatalities occur during daylight hours on roads with posted speed limits greater than 40 mph. Because MVCs account for most pedestrian fatalities, they also account for most nonfatal injuries. Approximately 75% of child pedestrians injured in auto crashes sustain noncervical injuries such as head trauma, broken bones, lacerations, and internal bleeding. These injuries result from the high speeds maintained by drivers on blind curves, narrow bridges, and overpasses across major thoroughfares, school zones, and playgrounds; the lack of adequate sidewalks; poor lighting conditions; poor roadway pavement quality; failure to yield right-of-way at crosswalks or intersections; obstructed sightlines due to trees, tall buildings or utility poles blocking drivers’ view ahead; following too closely behind another vehicle which impedes their ability to see traffic around them; limited brake/breakaway distance if an automobile stops suddenly since there is little margin before striking a curb or other object obstructing their path while traveling at highway speeds;

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