Frequent Questions and Answers

I’ve recently was involved in car accident and the insurance wants to settle my claim for $500.00.

Should take the money and resolved the case while I still have pain and medical bills?

Ans. Most insurance company will likely offer you the money in advance because you have a credible case which may escalate. By taking the money, you may waive your rights to have an additional medical coverage and benefits. you may want to obtain adequate treatment before signing off on the agreement. The waiver is legal document to waive you rights to pursue any addition document. Best solution is to consult a physician for additional care and accurate diagnoses this may increase your benefit. If Left untreated, an injury may lead to serious degenerative joint disease.



I’ve recently slipped and fell at work and was sent to a company doctor.

I’ve return back to light duty but continues to have lower back pain. Do I have to go back to the company doctor for my care?

ANS. NO. Under state law you have the right of choice for your doctor. It is crucial that you are satisfy with you choice of care. Your treating doctor has several responsibility including regulating return to work, referring to proper doctors, disputing insurance and designated doctors claim, assigning impairment rating, deliver proper care, etc. Call us @713-480-6254 to consult with our network and non-network doctors.



I slipped and fell in the store.

Is the store responsible for my fall?

ANS. The store is only responsible if they are liable. That may mean that the store should know or should have known of the cause of you accident. That may be left better argued by skilled attorney. In these cases your medical care can not be billed direct to the care but rather obtaining representation and pursuing care. Call us at 713-480-6254 for further detail.



How is doing a pre-employment screening helpful in eliminating cost?

ANS. New workers can sometime have pre-existing condition, habits, and limitation in functions. These limitations may to be detected early so you have the proper information to determine if the employee is fit for work. In addition, Americana Injury provide drug screening, complete blood testing, alcohol testing, EKG, Fit test, and Functional Capacity for pre-employment care. SO CALL US @ 713-480-6254.



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