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Workers Compensation

Injured on the job? Need compensation when you are not working? Need medical, orthopedic or chiropractic care? Call us we can help! What to do after a work injury? It can be frustrating dealing with insurance company, doctors, and attorney. Who can you trust to get your benefit and get you well. Call us now! We work for you to get your benefit. 713-480-6254

Injury in the workplace is common. There is some industry that is more affected than others. Most employers in Texas carrier worker compensation insurances. What that means is that when you are hurt at work with it is your fault or someone else fault you are eligible to receive medical care and pay for time off work. There are certain criteria when filing and pursuing a successful worker compensation claim. Report the injury to your employer on time. No less that 1-2 weeks after an incident. Choose a doctor that is knowledgeable and specialize in worker compensation. Because the legal complexity of the worker compensation system, many doctor’s offices do not take worker compensation. CALL US 713-480-6254 It is NOT RECOMMENDED TO choose a company doctor as your treating doctor. Because of the conflicting interest with your company and the insurance carrier, the most patient may be dissatisfied with this choose of care. At Americana Injury, we have a network of a specialist doctor who works for you. CALL US 713-480-6254. Every employer in the state of Texas has to provide injured workers the coverage mandated by law. If you've been hurt or have suffered a work injury, we can help guide you through the paperwork and pain you're suffering to get to healthy and working again. After all, no one wants to be out of work let alone be out of work and in pain.

Workers Compensation Injuries

The Workers’ Compensation Act ensures that injured workers are compensated fairly and appropriately for workplace injuries. There are several types of incidents in a workers compensation situation: Incident Only This is when an employee slips or fall and injures himself and files a report with his employer. The claim goes to the insurance agency to be processed, the agency will decide if any claim is to be made and any benefits to be paid to you. They have to file in due time or face fines by state laws. Medical Only Incidents If an employee has been injured and needs medical assistance, the cost are covered by the insurance agency. If the employee is injured beyond the benefits of the insurance agency then he is eligible for coverage of expenses beyond what the insurance does not cover. Lost Time Coverage If the employee is unable to get back to work due to on going medical conditions, he is covered under the law to collect workers compensation benefits. Three types of lost time coverage to consider if you're unable to return to work.
  1. Temporary
  2. Partial
  3. Death
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Workers Compensation Clinic

Americana Injury Clinic is a public service to help employees with work related injuries find the answers to their conditions and get the treatment they need. We handle all aspect of your injuries from treating and rehabilitating you to the guidance of state laws to get you back to work or compensated for your unfortunate predicament. Ready to file a workers compensation claim?