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Orthopedic Injury

Common orthopedic injuries generally are categorize as the following, sprain/strain, fracture, osteochondral injury, tendonitis, compressive injury, or degenerative joint disease. Most of these injuries can be treated conservatively without the intervention of surgery. Injury stage consists of acute (4-14 day onset), subacute (14-60 days), and chronic phase (after 60 days for most injury). These treatments may consist of physical therapy which utilize electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser therapy, and exercises  to dampen and suppress inflammatory  response. This method is widely use and is the least painful in treatment. Physical therapy treatment is utilize when a you become a patient of Americana Injury. Our organization incorporates chiropractic principle joint restoration and physical therapy to normalize injury disorder post occupational and auto accident injury.

Secondary form of treatment to the above condition consists of medication indirectly or directly introduce to the injury area. Common medication prescribed are hydrocodone, Ibuprofen, flexeril, lyrica, etc. After the courses of medication has prescribed, our pain specialist at AMERICANA INJURY may further assist in the healing process by introducing cortisone injection to the injured joint or muscle. The powerful anti-flammatory agent of cortisone is recognized to have a powerful suppression on pain and inflammation. This is amplified with the participation in therapeutic active care increase recovery.

Finally, injury such as fractures and neuropathy such as carpal tunnel syndrome may highly result in surgical care. The most difficult part is choosing the right orthopedist for your injury. Sometime a decision of when to see an orthopedist can be crucial to your care. Because the introduction of insurance company healthcare network policies, healthcare regulatory agency, and state regulation consulting with the right doctor may be difficult. By using Americana Injury as you main portal of entry we can assess your case careful and refer to you to the proper specialist. Call us @ 713-480-6254 or