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The Chiropractic field is the only health field that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the spine, known as spinal subluxations. So when the spine is slightly dislocated or misaligned you get pain or injuries you may not know you can prevent or cure. Chiropractors therefore are the main preventive source for this type of injury or problem. Through the years Chiropractic practices have become main stream and Chiropractors are trained and licensed just like any other doctor in other medical fields.  By treating the spine through chiropractic techniques, the Chiropractor can adjust your spine to the correct position and gives the body the healing it needs. Your body will feel natural and the cause of the pain or injury will dissipate or disappear over time.

Pain Management

Spinal Injury Causes

Is your spine is misaligned?

When the spine is out of its natural position (misaligned), it will not move properly and will cause different problems in your body.  These problems can be nerve pains, irritation, aches resulting in discomfort or just pain.

Nerves that interact with your spine are irritated

Nerves control muscles which hold the spine and bones in place.  When these nerves gets pinched or gets prevented from doing its duty you get what is known as “subluxation”.  The nerves gets affected which in turns causes the muscle to contract like spasms.  These muscles will pull the spine further apart and leave them out of place even more.  As you can see the proper placement of your spine is crucial to the health of the surrounding nerves that control movement and the spine itself.  Chiropractic practices focus on preventing these nerves from causing more problems to your spine.

Other parts of your body are also affected

Nerves are not the only parts that are affected.  You have tissues like tendons and ligaments that move with your bones.    Over time, if these parts are stress due to a spinal problem.  You can be seriously affected which can leave you unable to do everyday things like walk, sit, sleep, or lifting.

Our body and the chemicals that control us

Our body produces chemicals to help the body heal by control inflamed tissues due to the spinal injury.  These symptoms include things like arthritis, restricted movements, and weakness of the muscles, spasm, and constant chronic pain.  Chiropractors have the knowledge to help alleviate these problems through proper adjustments of your spine and get them back to the proper position to promote a healthy body.  Your Chiropractor does more than just adjust them; they will guide you through some of your injuries by monitoring your progress and health.  Some chiropractors have pain management programs and rehabilitation clinics designed to deal with these issue. Your injuries are not just common accidents. It is important to know that if you don’t treat the root cause of these types of injuries, you will live with unnecessary pain and your lives will not be normal.

How can we help?

If you live in Houston, please contact a licensed chiropractor at Houston’s Injury Clinic today.  If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t seek a lawyer for your injury, they make bad medical advisers, seek a professional, licensed and caring chiropractor to care for your injuries.