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We are Americana Injury and Living. Our organization is focused on patient’s recovery and  wellness by providing a network of providers that is focus on identifying the diagnosis, treatment plan, and resolution of symptoms. Not only do we understand your symptoms,  we know what it takes to obtain a great settlement with your case. We understand that car accident and work compensation cases take diligence to manage from the time you first enter our office and to the end. We provided with diagnostic and medical support to communicate to your attorney and carrier for settlement processing.

We have recruited various and professional who is highly qualified in their professions such as chiropractic, family nurse practitioner, medical doctors, and specialist to successful treat and navigate each person claim to reflect the quality of the settlement. We also provide various products to support your injuries or illness. Our focus also is to direct to your care after your injury by providing with wellness care such as weight loss, general, and esthetic care.

Chronic Pain

Our doctors provide pain prevention procedures to reduce serious pain, neuropathy and regain function.

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Auto Accident

An auto accident can cause more than just property loss.  Let us help you gain from the experience.  Call us today.

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Work Injury

Work injury cases are serious and complex.  Do not treat it yourself.  You do not have to be alone. Let our experience guide you.  Call us today.

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Orthopedic Injury
Common orthopedic injuries generally are categorize as the following, sprain/strain, fracture, osteochondral injury, tendonitis, compressive injury, or degenerative joint disease. We treat most of these injuries can be treated conservatively without the intervention of surgery.
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Primary Injury Care


Americana Injury Care

We specialize in personal injuries, accident injuries, work injuries, chiropractic, orthopedic injuries and sports medicine. Excellence in injury and accident care is our reputation.

Outpatient Rehabilitation


We care for your injury first and foremost.

We are a network of specialist physicians. From Personal Injuries to Helping You and Your Employees Perform 100% with Health and Safety, we are your healthcare partners in injuries and accidents.

Auto Accident Case Evaluation

Car Crash Accident

Maximizing Car and Truck Accident Recover

We can help with your auto injury and auto accident claim, we’re a dedicated team of experts ready to help you through loss time and income.

Worker's Compensation


Hurt at work?  Work Related Injuries…

If an employee has been injured and needs medical assistance, the cost are covered by the insurance agency. If the employee is injured beyond the benefits of the insurance agency then he is eligible for coverage of expenses beyond what the insurance does not cover.

Orthopedic Injury Care


Orthopedic Injuries and Prevention

Common orthopedic injuries generally are categorize as the following, sprain/strain, fracture, osteochondral injury, tendonitis, compressive injury, or degenerative joint disease. Most of these injuries can be treated conservatively without the intervention of surgery.

Sports Medicine and Injury Care


Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Americana rehabilitation clinic specializes in providing state of the art treatment to professional athletes, student athletes, and the general public.

Chiropractic Care


Best Chiropractic Clinic and Care

If you’ve never been to see a chiropractor before, we know that you’ll have concerns and plenty of questions. That’s why we always offer the initial consultation at no charge. The consultation is an opportunity to sit down with one of our doctors and explain your health condition.

Meet Our Doctors

Our Physicians maintain excellence in their perspective practice.  They are within our network of referral and are practice independently from Americana Injury.

Dr. Carlos R Herrera, M.D.
Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Carlos R Herrera, MD, is a Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1983, then specialized in Internal Medicine at Central Texas Medical Foundation. Worked for the Food and Drug Administration in Rockville, MD for three years and obtained a Masters in Public Health. Then he worked for the University of Texas Medical School Houston for 10 years.

Dr. Omar D. Vidal, M.D.
Anesthesiology & Interventional Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Vidal is a graduate of New York Medical College and State University of New York at Buffalo. He completed a four year Anesthesia residency and a one year fellowship in Pain Management with emphasis in Interventional Pain Management, chronic pain and cancer pain.

Dr. Dan Ung, D.C.
Pain & Injury Chiropractic Specialist

Dr. Dan Ung practices as a Pain & Injury Chiropractic Specialist in Houston, TX. Chiropractors diagnose and treat common spinal misalignments that can occur from lifestyle or injuries causing pain, discomfort and degenerative conditions.  Dan Ung, D.C. may be able to treat; back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries, and work-related injuries.

Testimonials & Clients

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Sam White
Office Manager National Transport Company

I was in an accident and really hurt.  After contacting and examined by Americana Injury, all of my worries and questions were answered, I ended up getting compensated for my injuries.  The whole process was painless (no pun intended) but I really didn’t have to do anything other than seeing the doctors and staff.

Ari Afshar

I had a hand condition and Americana Injury treated my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, after several treatments I feel like my hands and wrists are comfortable to do normal work again.  I feel completely satisfied with Americana’s services.  They are top notch professionals.

Maria Sanchez

My auto accident was unexpected and ruined my plans for schooling but more importantly my injuries were tended to really quickly and now i’m able to get back to my studies.  It’s been quite an experience with the staff at Americana Injury, they do what they say and that’s important to me, I would recommend their clinic to anyone.

Tim Conrad
Owner A Moving Company

Working with a partner like Americana Injury really helps us keep our cost and our logistic manageable; we usually send our employees to see them for any types of injuries sustained at work and we know they will be taken good care of and recover in a timely manner.

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